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    Transformation: Mother of five

    Even with five kids, I can find five minutes for myself. So can you.
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    Your brain on pain

    Conventional therapies for managing pain may be counter-productive over the long term. Mindfulness-based and other natural therapies can help.
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    SUP, Great Lakes?

    Stand up paddleboarding is the latest sports trend to hit the Great Lakes. One pioneering woman is helping it create a ripple effect.
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    Ask the trainer: The DIY workout

    Once you know your needs, goals and preferences, you can design your own personalized program.
  • Photo by Trish Mennell

    Pregnant and fit

    With some modifications, I maintained my training routine during pregnancy. Done properly, training can help you—and your baby.
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    Raspberry coconut balls

    Fresh raspberries and coconut transport you to a tropical paradise, and that chocolatey hit brightens everyone's day!
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    Back to the land

    Grass-fed animals produce meat and dairy products that are far healthier for humans. They taste better too.
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    Swing this way

    Can a TPI screening help when you "hit a wall" in rotational sports such as golf, hockey and tennis?