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OptiMYz Getaway Fitness Retreat

OptiMYz Getaway Fitness Retreat Rejuvenate and renew at the OptiMYz Getaway Fitness Retreat, November 2-4, 2012.
Atlantic Canada

Eat, paddle, swim

Eat, paddle, swim You don’t have to go far in the this life for a taste of real adventure.
Atlantic Canada

Bergs and bergy bits

Bergs and bergy bits Cold water kayaking off Newfoundland.
Atlantic Canada

Gorefest Mountain Bike Festival

Gorefest Mountain Bike Festival Not just a Race, but a Festival!

The Nova Scotia Sea School

The Nova Scotia Sea School Preparing for summer programs
Atlantic Canada

“Your best time ever” Adventure Challenge!

“Your best time ever” Adventure Challenge! OptiMYz has set up a fitness challenge for you at White Point beach resort, Nova Scotia.
Atlantic Canada

Ode to the Oval

Ode to the Oval Something is happening in Halifax that it is bringing the community together in a fashion that is refreshingly nostalgic and wholesome; and all it took was an oval.
Atlantic Canada

Travels with Tom

Travels with Tom Fox Harb’r gives golf the spa treatment—and lots more.
Atlantic Canada

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