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Chris Surette Part of the OptiMYz Media team. Chris is known for his outgoing personality, an outdoor adventurer, sports addict and innovative marketer. An athlete, he grew up mostly playing golf, hockey and baseball. Chris feels most alive when he's outdoors: camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, skiing, surfing or just exploring.

With a background in marketing, Chris brings a creative twist to the OptiMYz team with his advertising ideas, social media, videography and outside the box ideas.
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Life is Good

It’s Ryder’s fault

By Chris Surette

Date posted: September 24, 2012

Three months ago I was a casual cyclist, taking my bike out every now and then on a trail close to my house, or down to my local coffee shop. 

Any biking I’d ever done was on a mountain bike and I’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty awesome rides, including a recent trip to Sedona, Arizona, home of some of the best mountain bike trails in North America.

Then, this Canadian named Ryder Hesjedal goes and wins a major road cycling event this May in Italy– the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy). My cycling enthusiast friend explains the magnitude of this victory to me, so I decide to watch the whole event after the fact.

I was hooked.

Fast forward to a month later and I call up my aunt and uncle, who are avid cyclists, to see if they want to go for a ride. They have an extra bike so I’m in luck, I’m about to get on my first road bike ever.

From the moment I sat down and started to pedal, I was in love.

“Wow, this thing is fast,” I kept repeating.

My aunt and uncle let me borrow that road bike- A 1988 Peugeot in mint condition. Since that bike ride in mid-June I’ve been obsessed with my newfound sport.

Not many days have gone by since when I haven’t gone for a ride, or watched cycling on TV. Over the past few months I’ve watched the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana, Olympics, Tour of Britain, Montreal Grand Prix, World Championships and even some highlights from past events.

I told you I was hooked.

Recently I participated in my first team triathlon event at the Fundy H20 in early September and completed the Joe Howe Century, a 100-mile annual ride with some of the best cyclist in the region.

Up next: the Riverport Duathlon on September 30th.

Next year, EPIC Dartmouth: a 180km ride as part of the team event for an iron distance triathlon on June 30th.

Cycling is a sport anyone can do. If you haven’t been on a bike for a long time, dust off that bike in your garage or borrow one from a friend or relative. Or better yet, head to a local bike shop and just start asking questions, there are various bike clubs for beginners and advanced riders.

My only regret? Not jumping on a road bike earlier in life. But it’s never too late…

See you on the road.

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