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Jennifer Brenton Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian and Fitness Coach living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is originally from the Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia — and is a "valley girl at heart". She lived and worked in Moncton, Charlottetown and Halifax for the past 11 years as a leader in the fitness industry. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Health Promotion at Dalhousie University.

When Jennifer is not talking about food she is involved in something active. She can be found training for her fifth half marathon, practicing yoga or learning to swim laps at a local pool.

She is a self proclaimed "foodie" and enjoys cooking, experimenting with new foods and recipes. She believes in the 80/20 rule — she appreciates a good glass of wine and chocolate every once in a while!
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Diary of a Dietitian

Don’t let your mind or the weather stop your workouts!

By Jennifer Brenton

Date posted: February 20, 2013

As I get ready to make myself park farther away and WALK 30mins to get to school today… I feel this overwhelming urge to hop a plane and go south!   The freezing rain is pouring down… and the wind isn’t making the outdoors look welcoming!!!  I just want to scream “Enough blah winter weather!”

However… for my fellow Canadians (who actually deep down love the weather ;) ) this is another workout hurdle that we have to jump!!!  I gave a nutrition talk for a Marathon running group a couple weeks ago and felt a little guilty getting into my car as they all ran past me!   So – I have taken to finding different ways to be active (since running in the winter isn’t something I personally enjoy – but I envy those who do!).

Here is my pledge for the winter…

Yoga – 3 times per week, it is hard to be gloomy when I am taking deep breaths and being grateful that my body allows me to do downward facing dogs over and over… and over…

Swimming – this is something that is new to me.  Here is the truth.  I am a 31 (almost 32) year old person who never really learned to swim… but I signed up for Adult Swimming lessons and got the sweetest instructor (who thankfully has lots of patience).  Now I swim laps (kind of) and dive into the deep end. 

Funny thing the mind… I used to think I couldn’t run – now I teach running – I used to think I couldn’t swim and now I swim laps!  Maybe – I’ll start running in the winter and take skiing lessons.  Hold on…one thing at a time!! Moral of the story… Don’t let your mind or the weather hold you back!

Sorry for my blog hiatus… I’m back!

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