Gone Vegan – Week One

One week into eating a plant based only diet.

Meal made with vegetables

One week down. So far, so good.

I’m actually quite surprised at how much I’m enjoying the food. I’m eating more often, and of course cooking all my meals and learning how to cook with new foods. Most of all, I really am feeling great. I’m starting to notice more energy, feeling less bloated, losing weight and NO heartburn!

This all sounds pretty corny, but it’s the truth.


I didn’t cook enough at home to begin with, so preparing foods and coming up with different recipes has been a challenge. But this would be the same with any kind of diet at first.

I haven’t had any real big food cravings yet. I always try to make sure I have food at my disposal at all times when I’m hungry (fruits, veggies, nuts, granola etc). I guess my one craving came when I took my 6-year old daughter skiing on the weekend and bought her a slice of pizza for lunch (I had to pack my own lunch and snacks) and she didn’t finish the slice…Having the willpower to put the remaining pizza in the compost wasn’t easy!

As I expected, peoples reactions have been the most entertaining part. “What? Why would you do that!?” or “you’re crazy man!”. Also, for the most part people are kind of angry about it and almost take offense to it. Society says your supposed to eat meat and diary- I mean look at the Canada Food Guide!

Because my diet did include meat, dairy, fish, eggs, oils and lots of processed foods I know it’s going to take more than a week to show significant results. I am, however, surprised at how much I’m enjoying eating plant based foods and looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

Here are a couple videos that I recommend :

This is from a documentary called Forks Over Knives. YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!

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