Hot days – cool food!

Try out this light, summer lunch!

Quinoa salad with tomatoes

I love summer.  Sometimes I wish I could just move somewhere where it is hot all the time – but then I don’t think I would appreciate the summer as much.   The seasons allow me to long for the hot days of summer during the winter– and then cherish them when they are here. 

One thing I love about the summer is the food. Drinks, salads, iced tea and herbs– everything tastes better cold.  Here is what I am cooking up today:

  • Iced tea – brew green tea normally.  I like lemon green tea.  Let it sit in the tea pot longer than normal.  Pour into a glass container (after it has cooled to room temperature) and put in fridge.  Enjoy cold tea any time of day.  It is a perfect way to cool down and full of antioxidants. I have a container ready to go all summer!
  • Jenn’s Quinoa Salad – 1 cup cook quinoa (use package directions); allow cooling to room temperature.  Cut up fresh asparagus stir-fry in a small amount of oil until bright green and a little crunchy, cut up ½ an avocado.  Add quinoa, asparagus and avocado to a large bowl of organic baby spinach.  Top with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, cut up fresh cilantro and homemade dressing.  Jenn’s Spicey Balsamic Dressing – olive oil, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, garlic and hot chilli flakes (use your own proportions :).

I am about to serve the salad and tea to a friend of mine right now – in exchange for fitness class tutorial!!!  I need to find my rhythm.  Wish me luck!


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