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    Not your average cover model

    Chance led Jason Baca to a unique modelling career.
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    Finding the right work

    If you’re thinking of joining the healing professions, but traditional medicine doesn’t appeal, an alternative health care career may be right for you.
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    Unconditional love

    Letting go of body shame.
  • Photo by Marcus Freedman, Spawl Photography

    Jump in

    Cindy Charles highlights the achievements of businesswomen in her home town of Montréal. Success comes from her attitude and her own multidimensional vision of health.
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    Your brain on pain

    Conventional therapies for managing pain may be counter-productive over the long term. Mindfulness-based and other natural therapies can help.
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    The dangers of ‘thinspiration’

    How to beyoutiful in a world obsessed with perfection.
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    Nominate: Top 100 Canadian Influencers

    Your chance to highlight the Canadians who have changed your life, and the lives of many.
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    Rose water lotion

    A delightful DIY lotion for a memorable Mother's Day gift!
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    Go with your gut

    There’s a reason women are famous for their intuition. Of course, it’s up to you if you listen to it or not.
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    Going the distance

    Whether running the roads or on the trails, competing or training, this sport has become the epicenter of my life and career.

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