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    Feel good, do good

    Fitness transformed not only my body but my mind. It gave me the confidence, self-love and sense of purpose I was missing. Now I help other women on their own life journeys.
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    Tame the shame

    Get ahead of negative thoughts about your body.
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    Stopping time

    The flow state is a special experience available to everyone. It has a magical, effortless quality, but getting there takes work.
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    The perfectionism-procrastination cycle

    Here’s how to escape it.
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    The power of visualization

    A guide to the mind and your brain’s potential.
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    Clearing emotional clutter

    Fortunately, the practice of kindness can override the stress of emotional clutter by developing powerful, positive connections with others.
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    Make up your mind

    You know where you want to go but just can’t seem to get there. The reason may be locked deep in your subconscious.
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    Human to human

    Learning to embrace the shift from competition to collaboration.
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    Be grateful—every day

    Many of us are overloaded, stressed out, seeking a peace we can never find. The solution may be surprisingly simple.
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    Breath connection exercise

    Try this mind-body breathing technique to add mindfulness to your workouts.

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