Plank push-ups

Who says you need fancy training gear to get a great workout?

Step A

Step A

Step B

Step B

As originally appeared in the November – December 2013 edition of OptiMYz in the Better with a buddy (Part 2) workout with Lisa Avramenko and Joshua Muise, the plank push-up is a fast and fun way to work on your chest and core muscles with a partner. Adding body weight training into your current workout will help build both endurance and strength.


3 SETS | 8-10 REPS

A: Partner one holds a front plank from the ground.
B: Partner two places hands on partner one’s shoulders and completes push-ups. If this option is too challenging both partners can take turns doing planks and push-ups on the ground.

Expert tip: Brace your core strongly and squeeze your glutes to maintain a neutral spine.

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Uploaded by Lisa Avramenko and Joshua Muise