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Ten World-Class Chefs, One Extraordinary Foodie Adventure

Travel back in time to the 18th century and experience a candlelight dinner at Fortress Louisbourg. Or, choose to dine immersed in authentic Gaelic culture in the Great Hall of the Clans, where cavernous fireplaces and rich regional history line the walls. Spend a romantic evening on the waterfront of St. Peter’s canal, where you can watch the sunset over the stunning Bras D’Or lake.

This summer Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia will bring culinary and travel dreams to life as the host of Right Some Good, a 10-day foodie adventure. From Aug. 25 to Sept. 4, 2011, the Island will welcome 10 of the world’s most renowned chefs to create one-of-a-kind culinary experiences. The event will travel from community to community, orchestrating vibrant culinary experiences in each place.

Event organizers have added a clever educational element. Local chefs around Cape Breton and junior chefs across Canada will compete to work alongside the world-renowned chefs, creating a unique mentorship opportunity. Applicants must identify one ingredient indigenous to Cape Breton and detail why they want to work with that ingredient and how they’ve incorporated it into an original recipe. In teams of three, each venue will bring together an acclaimed international chef, an inspired local chef and a promising junior chef.

“This event will expose local and international visitors alike to plays on food they haven’t seen before,” says creative culinary director Stefan Czapaly, the first chef in Canada to be awarded a Michelin star. “This event will give us the opportunity to learn from each other and share culinary techniques from all over the world.” The event will establish relationships between local and international chefs and suppliers, opening doors to other markets through international exposure.

International chefs will design menus focused on locally sourced ingredients that are indigenous to Cape Breton Island. The event aims to rediscover outstanding local foods and bring them back into the forefront of local cuisine. Think deliciously prepared game, local meats and rustic seafood, as well as wild plants that include fresh garlic, brightly dressed greens and sweet berries. A visit to the East Coast wouldn’t be complete without sampling the internationally award winning seafood. Not only is it nutritious, it’s also fresh from the sea and onto your plate in the same day.

In addition to world-class cuisine, you’ll experience the rich culture and heritage of each venue. For outdoorsy visitors, Cape Breton offers endless land and sea options to explore. Landlubbers can hike, bike, walk or drive the Cabot trail, which is internationally famous for its breathtaking views. The Lonely Planet Guide recently named the Cabot Trail one of its top 10 best cycling routes in the world. Those with sea legs can enjoy kayaking, bird island tours and fishing excursions.

Getting to Cape Breton is easy. You can drive or fly. It’s connected to mainland Nova Scotia by the Canso Causeway and there are two major airports nearby: one in Sydney, Cape Breton and the other in Halifax, NS.

Take the road less traveled, expect the unexpected and visit Cape Breton this summer for an unforgettable adventure!

Entertainment and unique venues across the Island

Award winning singer/ songwriter, Bruce Guthro


August 25: Judique Community Center – The Colin Grant Band
August 26: Little River Harbour – Angelo Spinazzola
August 27: Orangedale Train Station – Norma MacDonald
August 28: Ingonish Beach – Craig Mercer and The Will Be Gones
August 29: The Nova Scotia Gaelic College – The Cottars
August 30: St. Peters Canal – Slowcoaster
September 1: Glace Bay Miners’ Museum – The Yarnells
September 2: Cruise Pavillion in Sydney – The Kayleins
September 2: The Big Fiddle – Carleton Stone
September 3: The Lakes in Ben Eoin – Carmen Townsend
September 4, Fortress Louisbourg – Bruce Guthro

International Chefs:

Chef Alvin Leung, Hong Kong
Chef Atul Kochhar– United Kingdon
Chef Vincent Masson, Belgium
Chef Frank Widmer, Switzerland
Chef Carlos Piernas, Spain
Chef Javier Vargas Guimaray, Peru
Chef Serge Knapp, France
Chef Jill Davie, USA
Chef Robert Clark, Canada
Chef Christopher Coutanceau, France


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The Glenora Inn & Distillery is located in Glenville Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Glenora produces North America’s first and Canada’s only single malt whisky.

A scene at the northern Cape Breton fishing community of White Point on the Cabot Trail

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