• High impact support photo

    High-impact support

    Active women take note: A good bra fit isn’t just about comfort. Poor breast support can cause back pain and even irreparable damage.
  • Headache be gone main photo

    Headache be gone

    Identifying the five most common types of headaches and how to prevent them.
  • Smartwatch Optimyz

    A fitness watch vs. a tracker

    When it comes to monitoring your health and fitness there are many options. But what is the right choice for you? A smartwatch does a whole lot more than a fitness tracker and all that a tracker does. Smartwatches are a little larger than fitness trackers—similar to normal watch size and range in different features […]
  • Hiit it photo

    HIIT it!

    If you have little extra time in your day, consider high intensity interval training. Along with its killer benefits, it also gives you an awesome workout.
  • Adult acne article --- canstockphoto16247082-© Can Stock Photo _ avesun

    A guide to treating adult acne

    There are a variety of acne products out there—here’s how to choose what’s right for your skin.
  • Something to chew on

    Something to chew on

    Baylor University nutrition expert exposes five myths about food.
  • Soil magicians photo

    Soil magicians

    Mushrooms can save the world—and they taste great too!
  • A new way to get fit - Leopard twist kick out photo

    A new way to get fit

    Are you up for a new challenge? Then Kettlebell Kickboxing might be for you!