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December 2018

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Ask the experts: Diet

Should I eat multiple small meals throughout the day or three big ones? And should I incorporate fasting into my diet? Dr. Marita Schauch, naturopathic doctor The best eating plan I have recommended to my patients over the years has been to eat smaller meals during the day, typically three


Taking aim with a Canadian woman Olympic archer

Archery is a growing sport for women and requires a lot more effort than you might think! Archery isn’t a sport we tend to hear much about. It seems to be a thing of movies and times long ago, or Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games trilogy. But archery is


Staying in the game

As women age, sexual desire may diminish—or not. It’s a different game, but you can still win.  Do you feel sexy? Do you want to have sex? These are not the same question. This is, of course, true for people at any age. The way we act on how we