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4 Eco Friendly Sex Toys

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Plastic sex toys can have phthalates, which can mess with your hormones. Not to mention them piling up in landfills. Here’s some eco friendly toys.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Sex shoiuldn’t be a guilty pleasure and well, sometimes sex toys can enhance the fun and other times, well, we just don’t have a partner around. Or don’t want one for whatever perfectly good reason.

Love not War Clit Vibrator

This great little stimulator is made from eco-friendly materials that are naturally safe for the body as well. Made by Love Honey in their Love not War brand and rechargeable too! It comes with a storage bag and has 4 speeds and 7 vibration patterns too. You can find it here.

The Clit Sucker by Womanizer

Hey, Lilly Allen even designed one for Womanizer! These are apparently becoming fairly popular and this one is made of a combination of earth-friendly materials such as biolene. It can be fully recycled. Apparently is sends out sucking vibrations similar to oral sex. Also, when you buy one, they’ll plant a tree too. You can find it here.

Blush Gaia Eco Bullet

Yep, it’s the bullet shaped style of vibrator, good in a variety of ways. It’s made from biodegradable corn-based plastic. It’s made by Come as you are. You can find it here.

Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

This one too is made by Love Honey and at a 4 inch extension is considered to be great for beginners to this method of pleasure. It’s rechargeable and can be recycled too. You can find it here.

They all come with discreet packaging as well. So why not have some fun and help preserve the environment too! Enjoy!

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