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4 Great Outdoor Hobbies for Fall

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Cross stitching is so very 2020 and we’ve been cooped up for so very long. It’s time to get outside! Here’s 4 great hobbies to take in some fresh air and be active!

As the world and Canada starts to open up, many of us are anxious to get outdoors and with people too! Here’s four hobbies you can start to get into as the weather cools down and may get you hooked for a start in spring!

Mountain Biking

The up front investment here is of course, the right bike. Check out our article here for a guide to buying a bike. There are thousands of great trails across the country, some very easy and others more challenging. The fall, when the leaves are changing colour, can be a spectacular time of year, especially if you head to the Yukon or along the rugged trails of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Look for a mountain biking group in your area, reach out and see if someone is willing to be a guide for your first day. Some clubs offer this to attract new riders.

Rock Climbing & Bouldering

You may have tried or be familiar with indoor climbing walls. That’s great, but now take it outdoors. What better way to see the fall colours than from high up a cliff! If that sort of heights isn’t for you, perhaps try bouldering! You’ll want to check that you can access that kind of terrain first. Along the coasts of Nova Scotia and along parts of northern Ontario and British Columbia, there is excellent terrain. You’ll want good shoes for this and much of bouldering is climbing up giant boulders and running across the landscape. It’s exhilarating!


Yes, it can be expensive, but there’s many ways to start, even with small craft such as the laser, a 2-3 person sailboat and there are many clubs across Canada, especially on large lakes where it can be very popular. Here’s a great list of yacht clubs across Canada and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can enjoy sailing in most parts of the country into mid-October.

Canoeing and Kayaking

What more exciting Canadian outdoor activity is there than hopping in a canoe or kayak? Most national and some provincial parks across the country have canoe and kayak rentals. If you’re new to both, best to start out on flat water (as in, not the ocean), where you can get used to paddling. You’ll want to learn the J-stroke, invented in Canada, of course, and that helps you steer a canoe. Here’s a great list of canoe and kayak clubs in Canada. Always remember to wear a lifejacket when you’re out there!

Whatever you decide…just decide to get outdoors!


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