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5 Best Beauty Apps for 2022

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We all have different types of skin and our skin can change through the seasons too. From dry to moist, flaky or grainy. And we have so many different shades of skin, which is what makes us all so beautiful and wonderfully varied!

So we did some research to find beauty and skincare apps you can use throughout the year top your beauty game. They’re available on Android or iPhone and some are really good to help you understand how they’ll affect your skin. Some give you access to a dermatologist and advisors to shape your best skincare routines.


This is a really cool app that uses Artificial Intelligence and images of your face to help you understand which anti-aging products are working the best for you. By using selfies, the app can show you which areas might need a little more TLC and how to do that and it tracks your progress over time. The cost is free with some in-app purchases. Get it here.

Think Dirty
Yep, that’s actually the name of this cool beauty app! It’s designed to track dirty or problematic ingredients in your skincare and makeup products by reading the bar code on the product, giving you a safety scale. It uses a “Dirty Meter” through this ranking so you can better understand which ingredients help or hurt your skin. The app also has a “My Bathroom Rating” where you can keep track of the products in your bathroom and know when to clean or get rid of them. They also have beauty boxes for sale. The app is free and you can download it here.


This is your personal skincare diary-style app.  You can build your own routine and keep track of your skincare progress through a calendar feature. You can also track your diet, water intake and stress levels and figure out your best morning and evening routine. Get it here.

Trove Skin 2.0
This app takes a more holistic approach to your skincare regimen. It starts with a scan using your phone’s camera and a quiz, then uses Artificial Intelligence to identify skin triggers as well as products that can hurt your skin. You can also keep track of the products you use and rate them. You’ll soon know what works best for your skin type. Find it here.


Want a stress-busting face massage? Maybe a natural facelift? This beauty app is your personal yoga trainer for your face. The Augmented Reality Coach scans your face and suggests personalized yoga exercises for your face. Hey, our face muscles need exercising too! Download it here.

Like skincare and other beauty products, you’ve got to try them to find the one that works best for you. They’re all free to try, so download one today and up your beauty game!

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