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5 surprisingly simple ways to boost self-confidence

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Building self-confidence takes time and effort but when we do it helps us achieve our dreams.

It’s no surprise that self-confidence is crucial to succeeding in every sphere of life. People often try unsuccessfully to boost confidence through various psychological methods, not realizing there are simple remedies to build self-worth. Self-doubt is common but not useful. Building self-confidence takes time and effort but when we do it helps us achieve our dreams.

A Guide on how to build self confidence

  1. Aromatherapy

Essential oils have been used for decades to calm the body and the mind. To feel inspired, try using rosemary oil. It makes you feel invigorated and acts as a nourishment for your soul. When you are relaxed and calm, you feel more in control of your emotions and actions. Consequently, your self-confidence gets a leg-up. 

Aromatherapy is known to take your mind to a place where you could make cool-headed decisions towards success. A specific study showed that in school children, essential oils could significantly improve self-confidence and lower the exam-related stress. 

Other essential oils that can help boost your self-confidence include cedarwood, sweet fennel, pine, grapefruit, jasmine, sandalwood, and geranium. Often the best results are obtained by mixing two or three of these oils in a carrier oil or adding them to your bath or a diffuser. 

2. Exercise 

Physical exercise not only keeps your body fit, but also fights negative energy and emotions. At times, you may feel your self-confidence slipping because of how your body looks and feels. To add to these woes, media constantly harps on socially-accepted body images. Remember, you do not have to look like a model to feel confident about your body. 

Exercise is about channeling your physical energy in a way that the positive effects of sweating-it-out transcend to your mind. Take up any sport of your choice be it tennis or hiking and then set mini-goals to build your self-confidence

3. Massages 

For those who think massages are only for feeling pampered, think again. Studies have shown that massages can relax your mind to such an extent, your pent-up, negative emotions find a way out.  

You don’t need to go to a posh spa to get an effective massage. You could attend workshops where they teach you how to massage yourself, and then follow the instructions on your own time. You can also purchase massaging tools that help you self-massage. Feeling relaxed through massages steadies the ship of your mind, and in time, gets you to your desired level of self-confidence. 

4. Sleep 

Sleep is an oft-ignored factor in boosting self-confidence. Sleep deprivation impairs cognitive functioning and increases stress levels. Consistently not getting enough sleep hampers your ability to perform small tasks, leading to a slump in self-confidence. 

Ensure you maintain a sleep routine and follow smart sleep hygiene norms to shut your mind down for a restful sleep. Incorporating the use of sleeping aids could also be beneficial especially ones that improve the hormones responsible for a good night’s rest. 

5. Positive Thinking 

If you suffer from low self-confidence, you could easily get bogged down by negative emotions that make you feel worthless.  Often, a chain reaction begins where all kinds of negative emotions get entangled to further lower your self-worth. Reverse this chain reaction is possible through compounding positive thoughts. 

One positive thought leads to another just as negative thoughts do. Research tells us that replacing negative emotions with positive ones helps in the evolution of the mind. It teaches us to adapt quickly to changing surroundings, resulting in more confident decisions

If you are unsure how to practice thinking positive, take some lessons in mindfulness. It could help you identify negative emotions and apply the brakes on them. 

The Secret to Confidence Lies in The Basics  

The key to building self-confidence is to find options that work best for you. Often, the simplest methods are overlooked, but they can turn out to be the secret ingredients of confidence and success. Try out some of the simpler ways to clear out your mind to give your self-worth the wings to fly.

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Author: Erika Long loves corgis, curry and comedy. Always searching for the next great snuggle, flavor or laugh, she inspires people to live their best life now. When not writing, Erika can be found at her local brewery dominating Harry Potter trivia night.


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