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5 ways to relax this summer

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Remember how summer stretched ahead of you, seemingly forever, when you were a child? It seemed like you had an eternity to swim and play and read and embark on miscellaneous warm-weather adventures. These days, your summer months may have taken on a different vibe. Perhaps you’re busy transporting, sunblocking, and entertaining children of your own. Or maybe you’re spending July and August primarily in the air-conditioned environment of your busy office.

But just because you can’t while away all of your days in a blur of cartoons, swimming pools and ice-cream treats, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a relaxing and restorative summer season. Here are some of our favourite tips for chilling out in the hot weather.

  1. Get outside:You don’t have to spend the whole day at the beach to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors. Just 30 minutes of natural sunlight can boost your mood and promote a feeling of inner peace.
  2. Take it slow:Okay, you’ve got a million things that need doing. But instead of panicking about the 999,999 things that come next, why not take the time to concentrate on the one you’re doing right now? Skip the stress and do your best to live mindfully, appreciating each activity, task, and moment as it comes.
  3. Get some sleep:It can be tough to sleep in the heat, so if you don’t have or want A/C, be prepared with fans and lighter bedding and consider taking a cool shower before bed. If the bright light of summer wakes you up too early, fight back with blackout curtains. Adding a high quality magnesium supplementto your routine can also help promote relaxation and improve quality of sleep.
  4. Plan to relax:As your calendar fills with summer activities, remember to schedule some down time for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything too time-consuming (though a week or two at the beach would be lovely), a weekly yoga session or an hour with a good book and no other distractions will do.
  5. Take a tech break:Give your scrolling finger a rest this summer and take time to connect with real people and environments every now and then. Your social media feeds will survive without you for a little while, and just think of how much you’ll have to report when you plug back in!

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