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5th Annual Father's Day Weekend Recreational Bicycle Ride

Ride at your own pace around the Aspotogan Loop from Hubbards Farmer’s Market. Support van will pick up tired riders.

photos_articles_54.jpgSaturday, June 20th, 2009
(summer solstice)

  • Chester Municipal Recreation Department, RECAP, and SMBSA.
  • Support van sweep provided by Freewheeling Adventures.
  • Ride at your own pace, or with a friendly group.
  • Buy picnic supplies at the Farmer’s market, or stop for a snack at Sheila’s fish wagon, the Deck café, the Trellis Café, or the new diner in Bayswater.

Free advance registration at Chester Municipal Rec. Dept: 275-3490, or $5 at start.

Hubbards Farm Market Barn, 11:30 – noon

Hubbards Farm Market Barn, 4:00 pm

Helmets are mandatory in Nova Scotia when bicycle riding. Rental bikes available with advance notice: $25, or free for members of RECAP. Call 857-3600 for details.

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