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6 fall activities that are also a hidden workout

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Fall is all about dressing in cozy sweaters, sporting warm tracksuits and roaming around colorful tree-lined streetscapes with a pair of cozy Uggs! Just because summer has ended, it shouldn’t mean we must make like bears and hibernate.

We need to keep our families active regardless of weather, school and work responsibilities. My members know workouts are extra. We need to get a minimum of 10,000 steps on a daily basis – that includes children 7 yrs and older. Children tend to clock in far more steps than the actual requirement because of recess and after-school activities. 

In my household, staying indoors on weekends is not an option! My kids know that being outdoors and being active is mandatory to maintain a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.  Evenings may be spent relaxing indoors, however, if the weather cooperates, I always encourage my family to be outdoors during the day.  Enjoying the beautiful sites and colors fall has to offer is a must, while spending quality time together getting fresh air and being mindful of our well-being is necessary.

It doesn’t have to be called a workout to be considered one.

If you make it a commitment to just be active more days than not you will see that your steps are achieved. People need to not view it as an all-or-nothing approach. I teach plenty of busy individuals how to lose weight while not going to the gym. However, staying active is necessary.

Here are six fun “fall activities” that are also a form of hidden workout:

One! Tis the season of fundraising! Almost every city in Canada has the Terry Fox run happening on a designated day in September. Hospital fundraisers are also another option. The walk for breast cancer in October has one of the highest participation rates. Most cities, whether small or big, are keen on raising money for a great cause!  What better reason do you need to go out there and support? This is a great way to do something rewarding – both for its cause and for the activity itself.

Two! Fall hikes and walks are also a fantastic option to explore. There are tons of breathtaking hiking trails in Ontario and all provinces in Canada. Just google ‘hiking trails near me’ and you cannot go wrong.  It’s a great way to take in the beautiful sights of fall with all it’s changing colors and crisp weather. Just pack some healthy snacks and you’re good to go!

Three! Raking the leaves is also something the entire family can do.  And the more your kids jump into your pile the better!  Pay it forward and do your neighbors too, I promise a great sweat! 

Four! Fall fairs and festivals practically every weekend in October mean lots of fun and lots of walking. I bring all the healthy snacks and give into only “one” treat. The rule is: they have to finish what I brought. 

Five! Halloween is also around the corner, forget the candy and enjoy a nice long walk!

Six! Outdoor obstacle courses with or without equipment! It can be anything set up stations a few meters apart with the exercise to be performed at each station. Can be repeated several times. Great for killing time before dinner is served. Examples: 

10 jumping jacks
20 squat jumps
30 high knees
Run a lap around the house

Fall is definitely one of my most favorite time of year! Sunny skies, crisp air, and trees painted in bright reds, oranges and yellows call for fabulous scenery and tranquil walking trails. So pull on a warm sweater, a cozy pair of boots and be sure to get out there and be active!   

More Inspiration: Here’s some tips in this article for staying injury free on your fall, or even winter, hikes.

Author: Suzan Galluzzo is a leading transformation coach and health expert with 2 studios in Aurora and Markham. She’s transformed over 2000 people to lead fulfilling and healthy lifestyles.  You can find her at www.suzangalluzzo.com, Instagram @suzangalluzzo, Facebook Suzan Galluzzo.


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