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6 Tips for Mind-Body Spring Cleaning

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The season where we say hello to warmer weather, green grass, sprouting flowers, birds sharing their precious songs with us and overall, the time when we get invited to have a fresh perspective of nicer days to come. With the times we are living in, we welcome spring with open arms.


1. Let the fresh air in. Spring air is refreshing, revitalizing and can really boost your energy. Open the windows and enjoy this crisp clean air. Breathe deeply and notice how your body responds. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea on your deck or front step and embrace the spring air. When the lungs get more oxygen into your cells this helps the lungs to expel more airborne toxins from the body. This, therefore, helps you to cleanse from the inside.

2. Sweat in nature. Move your body in nature-get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature with a dose of vitamin D. Studies show that being outdoors, surrounded by nature and fresh air, increases energy by 90 percent. Exercising outside in nature also helps to ground us and reduce stress, both of which we need to manage these uncertain times. This is a double win for both mind and body!

3. Stretch & Self-Massage. Add this to your daily routine through bite-sized actions. Take a few minutes to use a foam roller, massage stick or another massage tool to massage and roll out your muscles. Stretching after your fitness routine and before bed is highly beneficial to maintain and improve flexibility while preventing muscle soreness. Adding this powerful duo is one of many ways to take care of your body, ease tension, improve body awareness and help your muscles recover. Your body will thank you.


4. Meditate to release stress and tame anxiety. Start with two minutes of paying attention to your breath. It can be this simple. Sit or lie down for a few minutes and follow your breaths. Let your thoughts come and go knowing they will be waiting for you at the end of the two minutes. Gradually build your time up over weeks and reap the long-term stress resilience benefits.

5. De-clutter your space. The act of decluttering your home is powerful for the mind. Sometimes the current state of our spaces can impact our mental health. When our living space is less “busy” and “chaotic” and overfilled, your mind will be too. Help to manage your stress by organizing and decluttering. If this idea feels overwhelming, start with tackling one room a week and enlist a friend to help you. Donate, give items to friends & family, and sell or recycle items you are not using or that have reached their life span. It’s amazing how you feel when your home is free of clutter, your anxiety lifts in ways you will really notice and appreciate.

6. De-clutter your mind. Our thoughts are always listening. Try rephrasing any negative statements about yourself and removing words like “should” or “just” or “but” and replacing them with words that feel more empowering for you. When we are worried or trying to work through a problem, our thoughts are rolling around inside our heads all day. It can be really helpful to release those thoughts on paper. You might be surprised how this simple act helps to clarify thoughts and guide you through the situation at hand.

BONUS mind tip: Detox your social media.

Cleaning out your social media followers that don’t add value, inspire or challenge you in positive ways can be a really valuable exercise to keep your mind free of negative messages. Unfollow any accounts that make you feel less than or that cause you additional stress and anxiety. Notice how you feel when you view certain posts and accounts and take action. This is one way to set boundaries for yourself and it’s a powerful act of self-care. This action can also help you stop the comparison cycle from the highlight reel of others’ posts. Remember social media is not reality.

If you feel moved to take this detox a step further, you can review the social media apps you are using and take a holiday from them either by deleting them or turning off all notifications. A much-needed break from using social media can really provide perspective and peace and don’t worry those apps and posts will be there when you choose to return to them on your own terms.

Enjoy spring and all it has to offer! It’s a time of renewal, rebirth and regeneration. Give thought to what you may want to renew, revitalize or recharge for yourself. As we continue to welcome new seasons, remember to put yourself at the top of your priority list, be good to your body and reach out to others when you need support.

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Author: Doris Ward is a mind-body fitness coach who helps others build their optimal fitness, body confidence and stress resilience through mindful movement, education and coaching. She is a regular contributor to Optimyz Magazine.  You can read more about her work here:


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