7 cool everyday life hacks you’ll love!

Who doesn’t like a good life hack? Sometimes we just need to see things a little differently with those every day items hanging around our house! We’ve pulled these together to help you have an easier day…you’re welcome!

7 Easy Life Hacks

One: Nothing more annoying than trying to spread cold butter on toast! So, just use a cheese grater and voila!

Two: Need to cool that nice glass of wine down fast? Use frozen grapes! Easy peasy!

Three: Microwave two bowls at once! No more waiting for the other person! Great for the office when it gets busy.

Four: Press a shirt collar with a straightening iron! For those times when you realize your blouse collar needs a little turn down!

Five: One of those days when the shoes seem a  wee bit stinky? Just toss in a teabag!

Six: Lost an earring or other small object in the carpet? Just slide some old pantyhose or a sock over the end of the vacuum cleaner!

Seven: Finding the end on transparent tape can be crazy annoying! Solve it by putting a paper clip at the end.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make days better!

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