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8 Best Podcasts for Women in 2022

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Woman listening to podcasts
Woman listening to podcasts

Last year we brought you some great podcasts for women. Now we’re adding to that list for 2022.

What are the best podcasts for women? The best are written and hosted by women, for women. And that’s our list this year. You can access podcasts via a web browser, on your smartphone or tablet. Both Apple in iOS and Android have dedicated postcard apps. 

The Broad Experience

Hosted by Ashley Milen Tyte, a British-American journalist with some deep conversations around women in the workplace. The title comes from the old slang office term for women and aims to empower the word. You can find it here.

Encyclopedia Womannica

History is full of stories about the men that have done great things, bad things and well, men things. WOmen are far too often left out. So Kenny and Liz Kaplan set out to make sure women get the recognition too. You can get it here.

Hey, girl

This is a great podcast full of intimate stories between women. Uplifting, real talk and no holds barred. From sexual health to ayurvedic chefs and everything in between. You can get it here.

2 Dope Queens

These two friends, Phoebe Williams and Jessica Robinson’s hit podcast became an HBO series! With great wit and a flare for fun, with interviews with Michelle Obama and Nichelle Buteau, they cover a wide range of topics. You can find them here.

Where Should We Begin?

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at a couples therapy session? Now you can. A relationship counsellor with six of her clients let’s you join in. The clients have all consented to allow their therapy sessions to be recorded. You can find it all here.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Created by the How Stuff Works team, this podcast series dives into all the little things that maybe mom didn’t tell you. It’s really all about life and women. Find it here.

The High Low

Brilliant journalists Dolly Aldteron and Pandora Sykes blend high-brow topics and low brow around the celebrity world. With a lot of laughs but some great insights too. It’s been around since 2016 and it’s super popular. Check them out here.

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