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Sleep health is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, and the mattress you have makes all the difference.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

It was a grueling yet exhilarating, warm August day, high up and then deep down into the Musquodoboit Valley on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, about 45 minutes outside of Halifax. A steep 200 metre climb up the valley wall to the escarpment. The trail wound up and down. My wife and I were putting ourselves through the paces so we could try out a mattress with great promise. We had planned a series of activities over two weeks to test the Recore mattress from, an Edmonton, Alberta-based company.

Sleep patterns can be different for everyone, but we know that it is important for resetting our brains      the next day and even recovering from exercise. Especially if you’ve put yourself through the paces in a sporting event or some other kind of intense physical activity. Sleep is critical to help muscles rest, recover and rebuild for athletes and highly active people. This is where the  Recore mattress comes in. And it delivers on its promise.

The key element to the Recore mattress is the latex foam layer, not memory foam. This latex layer is much better than foam for some sleepers because of the way it reacts with your body by reducing peak pressure. It helps with cooling through the night so you don’t wake up all sweaty or have overheating issues. Latex also has more elasticity so you get increased lumbar support and it doesn’t leave you jiggling in bed, another important factor in good sleep hygiene. also chose to go with a synthetic latex rather than natural, which is far better for your long-term health. Natural latex breaks down over time and the proteins that lead to this breakdown can get into your lungs and end up causing breathing problems. When designing their mattresses, takes a long-term view of their products. After all, you’ll be sleeping on them for several years!

We spoke with CEO and founder of Sam Prochazka about their approach to making mattresses and why they only sell online: “We can take our time to create better mattresses, do the research and get the materials right,” he said. “When you cut out the middleman, you don’t have to deal with commissions and higher markups.” Remember the days of running all over town to find a mattress store and the pain of negotiating for your bed? Thankfully, they’re over. started over a decade ago and they were a pioneer at the time for selling online only. Now, they’re one of the leading mattress manufacturers in North America and best of all, they’re made right in Canada. Canadian designed and made. knew from the start that an intense focus on the right materials and high-quality was critical to their success. They also use data from customer reviews and feedback as well as research, to help them design and create the best mattresses possible. 

“We have incredibly few returns and we speak with our customers regularly, to learn and improve,” says Sam.

Over a two-week period, my wife and I ramped up our fitness routines to put the Recore to the test. Mostly we hike, go bouldering and trail running. We set a range of hikes and bouldering along with some sea kayaking to work different muscle groups. I’m 6’4” so lumbar and leg issues are always around for me, and my wife, at 5’7” has hip issues and upper body concerns. After each day of strenuous activities, we both found that the Recore played a huge role in our recovery. Our prior mattress had been medium-hard and we thought that was best for recovery sleep. Turns out, we were wrong. The Recore is a medium-soft mattress that you do sink down into, but just the right amount for your body. Whether sleeping on your side, back or stomach, the mattress pulls you in just right. This is the allergen-free latex foam at work. Another feature is the SilverCharged™ cover that you can take off and wash. A bonus of using silver in the cover is that it’s antimicrobial and keeps your sleep surface nice and fresh!

So if you’re in the market for a mattress designed for athletes and those living an active lifestyle, or you’re just a fitness fanatic, then the Recore is absolutely the best latex mattress in Canada for you. The materials are high-end, they’re well manufactured and customer service is superb! You may well be inspired to try some new workouts just to see how well you recover!We received a mattress for free in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are those of the authors. 


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