Achieve fitness success with a refreshed attitude

Success is said to be defined by getting up one more time than you’ve been knocked down. We all fail more often than we win, but if we have the desire to be better at anything, it has to be earned. No one is going to hand you anything.

So if we desire success, the question is, how hard are we willing to work to achieve it? Many people have excuses about not achieving their fitness goals. These are usually the ones that have been bamboozled by the notion that a walk around the block will bring about amazing changes in their physique. They’re also the ones that will try every new gadget on the planet promising to melt fat off the gut with little or no effort.

But here’s the deal people: If you want a dramatic change in your physique, you must make a dramatic change in your diet and fitness approach. You simply can’t keep repeating the same lame routine and expect results because you’re hitting the gym for long periods of time. That’s not how it works. If the jiggle in the middle won’t budge, that’s a good indicator of your approach being stale, worn out, ineffective.

Change requires an approach that the body has not seen before. It needs a shock – within reason and your limitations of course – but a shock nonetheless. Go beyond steady state cardio to interval training on the elliptical or treadmill. Once that runs its course, try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Pretty hard to get your body used to such a routine.

Other methods to shake things up could include varying resistance between heavy and few reps and high volume training. In other words, keep it brief and brutal (hard) and the results will amaze you. Your body simply won’t adapt to doing it harder and differently. Now I’ll ask again, how much are you willing to work for your goal?

Yours in good health,

Jorg Mardian

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