Achieving Balance

I’m on a pretty strict exercise routine because of my knee condition (CMP). Since CMP varies in pain and intensity of pain, every week is a tiring process of trying to determine which workouts will hurt and which won’t. This can be very de-motivating for me and exhausting. I sometimes feel every day is consumed, on some level or another, with my knee condition (anyone else with a chronic condition experience this?!). I can no longer just go to the gym when I feel like it and do any creative workout I want. My workouts have to planned around how my knees feel and the types of workouts I do must be focused on avoiding discomfort. Oh, and trying to prevent the scraping of anymore of my cartilage so I don’t end up with osteoarthritis! Anyway, I digress! – see how consuming it is?! Undecided

I have family and friends who tell me not to go to the gym at all. But is this any solution? To me, giving in means giving up and I can’t do that. I’ve been active all my life. Fitness has always been my passion and my outlet from the daily stresses of life. If I let this condition get the better of me, I sacrifice all of this. More importantly, becoming sedentary causes its own problems; like gaining weight, which in turn can lead to heart disease and other physical problems.

The key is balance. In my case, it’s a balance between still exercising, but not to the point I make my condition worse. For others, it might be a balance of working hard, but also having a social life. It’s all about searching for that perfect balance that will make one’s life manageable and content. This isn’t easily achieved and there is no magic formula. But during the process of trying to find it, you learn what’s best for you and what’s most important to you. In short, you learn what you value most in life. 

For me, what’s most important is remaining active and not letting CMP scare me to the point I give up. I had to give up teaching fitness classes and sports training (my favorites!) for a more structured and less intense routine. But you know what? It’s worth it as long as I can still exercise. I believe in fitness and I’ll do whatever it takes to stay active. So, stay healthy – it’s worth it!

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