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Are ya feelin’ sexy?

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Losing your sex appeal is a slow painful way to die. Feel good about the real you, and sex and all the other good things in life will follow.

There are millions of ways to die. One surefire way is to stop being sexy. If no-one finds you attractive, it’s a guaranteed slow, painful death. I am just kidding! But seriously, what I mean is if you don’t feel sexy about yourself, it can affect your overall health.

Think about it! By not feeling sexy you start to give up on yourself. You can let yourself go. You become complacent. You stop exercising and gain weight. You can become depressed. Your stress levels can increase. All of these are killers that can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke and a host of other ailments.

Why does feeling sexy about yourself so important? Aside from the above, it’s because sexiness is about being your best and putting forth your best to attract a partner. So being sexy is actually about being your best.

It’s not really our fault we don’t always feel sexy. Every day, everywhere we go, we are inundated with images of flawless skin, ivory white smiles and beautifully toned, airbrushed bodies. Against these images we have little hope. And our digital culture hasn’t made things easier with all of us essentially having the same tools as a Vogue editor to photoshop images to achieve that “perfect” look.

But in doing this we are playing into someone else’s notion of beauty, of being desirable, of being sexy. But it is not real. Therefore it is unattainable–and it is making us miserable.

In a recent survey, Canadian Living Magazine found that only 30% of males and 28% of females say they feel good about their bodies. A Cosmo survey found that only 25% of women are completely satisfied with their sex life, with nearly 30% of women totally unsatisfied. As for men, only 12% say they are completely satisfied with their sex lives and a staggering 23% of men say they have no sex life whatsoever. That’s pretty depressing.

What’s more, these unfortunate numbers are not just affecting what goes on in our love life; they are having serious affect on our society. A recent study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development study found that Canadians’ general life satisfaction was only 6.6 on a scale from 0 to 10. Heck, you could say this lack of sexiness is affecting our economy, which is achieving a near-stagnant annual growth rate of just 1.4%.

These numbers bring it all back to the fact we need to feel better about ourselves. And if we don’t, then we need to start doing something about it. Our mantra here at OptiMYz is about REAL self-improvement, feeling good about yourself. Having that confidence–feeling “sexy”–is the key. We believe in finding your own beauty and a personal brand that is real to you; and that being your best self can be obtained through a combination of mind, health, fitness, nutrition and adventure.

The journey begins with you. It’s you who must say “I am sexy,” and then live that way every day. If that’s hiring a personal trainer, we want you to do that. If it’s sliding on those jeans and spending extra time feeling good, we want you to do that. If it’s learning a new language, we want you to do that. If it’s taking that trip to some exotic locale, we want you to do that. Whatever it is you need to do to get your mojo and sexiness back, do it. Because without it, let’s face it, life is like a death sentence.

Look after that body! Put a smile on that face! Be real to yourself and never, ever stop feeling sexy!

Author: Max Brennan. Max is the publisher of Optimyz Magazine and occasionally contributes articles for both the print and digital versions of Optimyz.

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  • Max Brennan, a former personal trainer and bodybuilder, is a dedicated wellness enthusiast embarking on a quest to uncover and disseminate the keys to a healthy life. Additionally, he serves as the CEO of Hum@n Media, the proud publisher of SILVER Magazine.

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