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How to boost your health for the fall and winter!

Immunity building tips for the fall and winter

Welcome to fall.  It is time to “fall back” into good nutrition.  Fall is a time of getting back into routine.  It is also a great time to re-evaluate your eating habits.  How did you fare over the summer months?  Are you feeling as energetic and healthy as you were going into the summer?  If not -it is time to “beautify from the inside out”!

Have you ever been told you “look tired”?   When I say “beautify” I do not mean the vain definition of the word. I am talking about the beauty that comes from having energy, bright skin, healthy hair, and not feeling bloated after eating.  “We are indeed more then what we eat – but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”  (Adelle Davis)

Start to “beautify from the inside out” today with these quick and easy tips:

Drink water.  I think this is the most important of all.  Our bodies are made up of water and being dehydrated will zap your energy, dry out your skin, cause headaches and irritability.  Unfortunately, most of us are chronically dehydrated.  We need 2.7-3.7 litres of water per day.   Start first thing in the morning and drink small amounts throughout the day.  In fact – take a moment and have a sip of water right now.

Get your essential fatty acids – Omega 3.  Omega 3 is essential because our body cannot make it.  Omega 3 has been seen to reduce risk for chronic disease – especially cardiovascular disease. It is good for memory, our skin and hair.   The most active and best absorbed form of Omega 3 is from marine sources.  Most of my clients do not eat the two servings of fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, artic char, sardines, herring and/or trout) per week.  If you do not eat fish (or enough of it) you should seriously consider taking an Omega 3 fatty acid supplement.  If you would rather take it in a “food form” – you can get a tasty fish oil (I like enjoy the lemon flavour) that you can take a teaspoon per day or make into a salad dressing.   Keep the oil in the fridge and do not cook with it.  Make sure to speak to your health care provider if you are on any medications before taking fish oils or Omega 3 supplements.  If you are vegan or would like to get a plant based Omega 3 you can get it from ground flax, hemp and chia seeds.

Fight back with antioxidants.  You are a chemical being and chemical reactions are constantly taking place in your body to create movement, thoughts and to fight disease.  Free radicals are naturally a result of these reactions. Although exercise is very good for you it creates increased amounts of free radicals.  In order for the body to stay healthy we need to eat foods that help neutralize these reactions – antioxidants.  Choose foods that are bright in color including dark green and orange vegetables, berries, citrus fruits and your favourite green tea.  Aim to have 7-10 servings or more of veggies and fruit and 1-2 glasses of green tea per day.

Eat whole unprocessed foods. Eat a balanced to provide your body with the nutrients we know about and those not yet discovered by science to maintain good health and prevent disease.  Unfortunately, today in our fast paced world of processed foods it is possible to overeat and be undernourished. Pay attention to taste – foods that are fresh and whole have a more vibrant taste. Stay away from foods with additives and synthetic flavourings. Choose whole food and go organic or local as much as possible.   Mix it up – Every food provides a different vitamin, mineral and nutrient.   Fill ½ of your plate with colourful vegetables, ¼ whole grain starches (quinoa, brown rice, sweet potato) and ¼ unprocessed protein (fresh meat, chicken, fish, beans, lentils, nuts,seeds).  Ask yourself before you eat – “Am I getting nutrients from this food”.  If the answer is “no” – choose something different.

Go probiotic.  This is a new one for me. Do you ever feel bloated after eating?  If so – probiotics may help you.  We naturally have bacteria in our body that keeps us healthy.  Things like stress, illness or taking antibiotics can reduce the amount of healthy bacteria in our body. Probiotics have been seen to help digestion, fight bad breath, reduce duration of colds and prevent urinary track infections.  Research is still being done to see what probotics can do for us.  In the mean time – choose 1-2 servings per day of foods with probiotic such as yogurt and fermented yogurt drinks.  Consider seeing a Natropathic Doctor to learn more about Probiotic supplementation.

 And last but certainly not least “Attitude is the little thing that makes a big difference.” (Mac Anderson) Don’t forget to smile. Never underestimate the power and beauty of a positive attitude. Simply smile and watch the reactions of those around you.

What is your diet doing for you?

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