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As with most people and certainly most entrepreneurs setting and sticking to a clear path is sometimes the most challenging part of doing business. Some days everything feels so aligned and very next minute – oh look, squirrel! and off I go down the rabbit hole. It’s already happened twice this morning trying to get this blog started. I’ve always been a dreamer. I have tons of ideas and am a great problem solver especially under pressure. I also try to do a million things at once and spend a lot of energy trying to suppress doubt and despair. The thing is when you are building your own business or brand it starts to feel like a living thing. Growing and evolving with you and along with that affecting your emotions and thought patterns. As a woman in business and a Yogi in business, these are some of our biggest assets. We do everything with our whole heart.  However, to remain clear and focused we also need to be objective. We need to step back and see the big picture and then find the balance between heart and mind.

My daily meditation practice has been integral for me these last few months, and even more so through the darker days of winter. Setting a daily routine including eating my meals at the right times and getting to bed earlier have also helped immensely. I recognize that those are simple things for a lot of people, but I’ve spent many years as my own worst enemy putting myself in sugar shock trying to finish a project and going through the cycles of burn out more times than I can count. I am determined at this point in my life, to not let that happen again. At the same time, I am also determined to create a successful business based on building community, connection and a little adventure too. So right there two intertwining paths: build a successful business and stay healthy, calm and focused. For most entrepreneurs and business leaders an oxymoron right there. I feel like I need to prove it to myself that it can be done. Women have been juggling raising families and running businesses for decades, why do we have to sacrifice our health and well-being to make that happen. So again, coming back to setting clear intentions.

Knowing when to say no and trusting in that. Maintaining your perseverance when you believe in something despite the odds. Holding what’s important to you close to your heart always. Knowing why you do what you do. Support your friends and colleagues and let them support you too. Ask for help. Be honest with how you feel. Write daily affirmations and keep your gratitude list close. Do something every day that makes you happy, just for you. Take a break. Get out of town. Connect with an old friend. Get fresh air. Exercise. Meditate. Love. Love yourself. Love those closest to you. Do the work. Trust the process. Follow your dharma, follow your path.

The light in me, honours the light in you.



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