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If you aren’t into podcasts, you’ll want to be! If you, then here’s a great list of Canadian podcasts just for women!

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Podcasts are just awesome! You can listen to them on your commute (you know, if you still go to your workplace and you’re not working from home!) or on a nice meander around the neighbourhood, while cooking or just chillaxing on the couch in the evening. So we compiled a list of the best podcasts on women’s issues in Canada. You can get them through Google Play, iTunes on Apple for iPhone and Android or Spotify among others.

Alright, Now What?

This podcast series is created by the Canadian women’s foundation. They delve into issues from gender equity to how women are dealing with the pandemic and rights for women and girls and more. It’s empowering and has some great interviews!

Second Life: A Women’s Career Podcast

Former Who What Wear co-founder, Hillary Kerr interviews women who have started new careers in a shifting economy and through personal adversaries in life. It’s inspiring and can offer great insights for women no matter what stage their career is in. It’s available on iTunes here.

Dear Seekers

Well, this is a really cool podcast! Created and hosted by Sasha Xiao, a Toronto-based journalist features great interviews with a wide range of women. She’s looking to connect with the “curious, reflective and explorative souls,” through deep and honest conversations. You can find the podcast here.

No Man’s Land

This is a cool podcast. It’s all about women who had a huge impact on history, yes, Canadian women too! It’s their badass stories we generally don’t hear about. You’ll laugh and get all fired up at the same time! Find it here.

The Great Canadian Woman Podcast

Canadian former corporate hustler turned entrepreneur, Sarah Swain will get you hopping to drive change and help make Canada a better place for women. Inspiring interviews at a great pace. The podcast series has concluded but it’s still available here.

Articles of Interest

If you’re into fashion and cool stories about where clothing like denim came from, you’ll groove to this podcast! Lot’s of fun stories and a great pace. Oh, and why Fridays and Hawaii are connected. It’s a 12 part series. Get it here.

Breaking Beauty

Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins, well known Canadian beauty editors, interview fashion and beauty brand founders on how they got their start, what inspires them and what the future of beauty is. You can find it here.

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Author: Alexa Hurst is a staff writer for HUM@Nmedia, the parent brand for Optimyz and Silver Magazines based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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