OptiMYz: How long have you been surfing?
Ruth: I’m into year five, but I didn’t really know what I was doing for awhile there. I think such is the case for most new surfers. That’s why I believe lessons are important.

OP: Where do you surf? What times of year?
Ruth: Mostly Lawrencetown beach, outside Dartmouth. All year round. If you have the proper gear, it really doesn’t matter.

OP: How did you learn?
Ruth: Practice and a lot of help from my friends.

OP: Have you ever taken a surfing vacation?
Ruth: Yep, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii. I was afraid of the lava rock reef at Pipe then, so I hitchhiked up to Haliawa every day to surf. The people there are so nice. If they see you with a board they just let you to jump in the back of their trucks. I can’t wait to go back.

OP: What else do you do to do with surfing?
Ruth: I teach surf lessons with Dacane Surf Shop on Blower’s Street in Halifax. I work for Lance Moore, AKA Surf Donkey. You can catch his surf blog on the Dacane website: www.dacanesurfshop.com

OP: What other physical activities or sports do you do?
Ruth: I’ve always been into sports: soccer, softball, basketball. I have a personal trainer with Nubody’s, Burnside: Paul Bell. He’s amazing. Also, I just started Pilates with Cathy Grad at Nubody’s and I’m loving that too! I work there as a CSR and will be doing my certification for spin soon. Better see you in my class!

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