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Q: What is your beauty routine to keep your skin healthy?

A: I’ve just starting using Ole Henriksen products for my skin and I love them. I have oily skin and with working out so often it very easy for my pores to get clogged, so I am diligent about thoroughly washing and toning my face every morning and night.

I exfoliate with a scrub at least once a week. I use a glycolic and lactic acid peel once a month. I make sure to never ever sleep in my makeup. I also spend a lot of time outside for practice so I always ensure I have some form of sunscreen on my face.

Q: Do you wear make up before competition?

A: Yes, I wear makeup for my competitions. I think of my competitions as performances, much like an actor in a play, and I always like to standout and look my best. I love creating a dramatic eye or wearing a bold lipstick! I have a saying ‘Look good, feel good! Feel good, run fast!’

Q: For gear what do you like to wear and shoes?

A: I’m a Nike girl, so you can usually find me in the latest Nike threads. I love Nike for their bold colours and funky patterns. For practice I usually like to wear a few layers. I’ll start with some Nike Pro shorts and a Sports bra, then some long or 3/4 tights with a Dri-Fit T-shirt, then I usually throw on a long sleeve over that.

Currently for shoes I’m wearing Nike Pegasus and Nike Vomeros. Both are great shoes with lots of cushioning.

Q: What are your favorite clothing pieces when racing and not racing?

A: I love racing in a crop top and briefs. It feels aerodynamic and free! When I’m not racing I like to feel comfortable. I’m very much into the sporty chic trends.

Q: What is next for you?

A: I’m currently at the World Championships getting ready to compete in the 100m Hurdles. After I will run a few meets on the European circuit. And then I’ll just be getting ready to compete next year and looking forward to Rio Olympics.

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