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Brussel sprout pecan salad

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Makes 6 | Takes 30 minutes

Brussel sprouts are an all-time favourite holiday side dish. Growing up, my mom always served them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Brussel sprouts are rich in fibre, vitamin K, and antioxidants—and also contain omega-3 fatty acid ALA which is important for reducing insulin resistance and inflammation within the body. 

Photo by Mette van der Linden on Unsplash


1 lb Brussel sprouts, washed and cut into halves

1 cup raw pecans

1 Tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Lightly steam the Brussel sprouts for 3–4 minutes, then immediately blanch them. Pour them into a dish and top with the pecans. 

Pour the Vegan maple dressing (see recipe below) on top and serve warm.

Nutritional value (per serving): Calories 185; Carbs 9g; Fat 17g; Protein: 4g

Recipe Author: Andrea Saliba is a certified holistic nutritionist, health coach and group fitness instructor in Vancouver, BC. She offers nutrition plans to gain energy, strength and confidence. Her approach is to inspire people to make healthier food choices while educating her clients on the importance of the mind-body connection.


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