The holidays are a time to take a break from routine. Ah! That’s great. We had a wonderful Christmas with relatives visiting from Ottawa, Ont., and Amherst and Halifax, NS.

The trick amid the festivities is not to lose your health habits completely.

Yesterday started out great. I went to Nubodys with my daughter Claire. Yoga class was cancelled but I had a great workout and did a few asanas (yoga postures) at the end.

I have been keeping to my anti-Candida diet pretty well — until yesterday. By the afternoon I had consumed jerk pork that was quite sweet and too many ginger cookies.   

Later on I started to get the familiar Candida reaction: that spacey listless feeling with a breakout of thrush on my tongue. I have been managing this issue pretty well, but it seems very hard to eliminate completely.

I took some garlic and probiotics and vowed to be more careful. Today I feel a lot better, but not all the way.

Once Candida settles in to your system, it is hard to get rid of.

If anyone has any insights on dealing with this pernicious issue, please drop me a line at

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