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Choosing the right sports bra

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How to choose the right bra for fitness

“If the bra fits, wear it,” the cliché says. This is the general idea when choosing the right sports bra for an athletic activity. However, you might respond with a cliché of your own such as “That’s easier said than done.”

It can be an overwhelming experience with the need for a perfect fit combined with the many styles and colours to choose from, all while not knowing where to shop. Yet it can become a great experience if you select a store that is interested in your breast health and confident you’ll be fitted into the right bra.

Running helps you to stay in shape, and having the comfort and support of the right sports bra may enhance your workout to a more enjoyable experience.

Did you know that breasts can move up to four inches up and down as you run, depending on size? Therefore having proper support is important to stay comfortable. An optimum sports bra can reduce breast movement by up to 80%.

Here are my top five tips to choose the right sports bra for your active lifestyle:

1. Visit a specialty bra store that will measure and fit you into the right bra.
2. As having more than one pair of shoes, have at least two good sports bras for your running wardrobe.
3. Have a routine bra checkup for continued bra support as your size may change from losing or gaining weight.
4. Select breathable, high-tech fabrics that regulate moisture.
5. Always hand-wash your bras – taking special care of your sports bras will allow them to last longer.

Momentum Sports Bra from Anita Active
Momentum Sports Bra from Anita Active

At Diane’s Lingerie in Vancouver, I was fitted into the Momentum Sports Bra from Anita Active, which is a perfect combination of support and comfort with breathable fabrics that easily sustain, no matter how hard I work out. The Momentum has a classic design with its pre-shaped cups and can be worn alone or underneath a tee-shirt or light jacket. It’s a bra that you want to show off while pounding the pavement.

Another popular choice is Anita Active’s new air control DeltaPad sports bra. It has the right amount of padding with foam cups, is lightweight with breathable fabrics along the waistband. This bra has a mesh lining that is sexy enough to be worn solo or underneath your athletic wear. Indeed, with both style and performance, it will give you the confidence that you need to succeed.

Overall, wearing the right sports bra can be the difference-maker in confidence and performance. Get into the habit of going for that bra check-up and choose the bra that fits your level of activity.

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