Are you fit enough for Team OptiMYz?

After five long years, The Mitsubishi City Chase Powered by GoodLife Fitness returns to Halifax with two exciting events – The 2011 City Chase Canadian Championships (September 30th to October 1st) and a Halifax Regional event (Saturday, October 1st), which will be the start of the 2012 Canadian Series!

OptiMYz is proud to be from Nova Scotia and we want the best to represent us at the regional event in Halifax on October 1st.

If you’re up for the challenge tell us why you and friend should wear the blue and white on Saturday, October 1st and compete against 298 other competitors for a chance at the Canadian Championships in 2012!

In the Halifax regional event, teams will run, walk, and utilize public transport as the complete different ChasePoint challenges throughout the city. These ChasePoints will present a variety of physical, intellectual, adventurous and humorous challenges, which must be completed within a 6 hour time limit.

Contest closes Friday, September 16th. Good luck!

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Here’s a sample of what you can expect from the Mitsubishi City Chase!

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