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Correcting iron deficiency the natural way

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The natural health products sector depends on science as well as natural raw materials to sustain and improve the health of consumers. The Canadian Health Food Association is a good place to learn about the state of the art. Our staff attended the CHFA show in Vancouver in April 2022 and came across some exciting new products.

Ferritin+™ by Flora

Ferritin+™ is a new iron supplement demonstrated at the show. Supported by 3 clinical studies and 11 patents, it is a revolutionary new product that addresses iron deficiency. Iron deficiency anemia is a common condition in which blood lacks adequate healthy red blood cells. Most at risk are women between the ages of 18-50, pregnant women, vegans, vegetarians or those on a low animal product diet.

Without enough iron, your body can’t produce enough hemoglobin to carry oxygen, leaving you tired and short of breath. You can usually correct iron deficiency anemia with iron supplementation. As the Mayo Clinic notes, symptoms of iron deficiency include extreme fatigue, weakness, pale skin, chest pain, fast heartbeat or shortness of breath, headache, dizziness or lightheadedness, cold hands and feet, inflammation or soreness of the tongue, and brittle nails.

Ferritin+™ is highly “bioavailable,” meaning it’s more easily digested by the body. Because this form of iron moves easily through the digestive tract, it doesn’t lead to constipation or the other common side effects of iron supplements. Ferritin+™ helps replenish both blood iron levels and serum ferritin reserves. It is also safe for use during pregnancy.

Each ferritin molecule is full of iron atoms and uses a unique pathway of absorption. Ferritin iron includes a protein “cage” that protects the iron through the digestive tract and protects the digestive tract from the iron as well. This allows for a slow release and absorption over time.

“Ferritin+™ is like moving from gas to electric cars,” says Flora President-Owner Thomas Greither. This iron supplement uses organic pea ferritin that matches the human body’s assimilation of iron and therefore has a high absorption rate.

Some who have tried this product have felt a noticeable boost in energy and less lethargy after eating. We recommend that you get your serum ferritin levels checked, as many people are iron deficient and don’t even know it.

You may want to ask your doctor for a serum ferritin test. Listen to your doctor and check with your pharmacist first about any supplementation.

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