photos_articles_18.jpgAs you pound yourself into shape in this dreary winter weather the inner you is whispering to you to get outside and use your new found fitness strength and endurance. You’ve worked for it; you’ve sweated for it; so now get ready to use it. The choices are endless but research shows the number one activity that is high on the “enjoy” list is walking and hiking.

For those of you who live in the Halifax Regional Area the outdoor options for walking and hiking right outside your back door are almost endless. Some 39 trails are listed in the immediate area and they vary in intensity from The Public Gardens and Point Pleasant Park to the Blueberry Run to Crowbar Lake.

Crowbar Lake, built in a provincially designated wilderness area, is a new trail system with its step off point along the Myra Road at the Head of Porters Lake. Built by the volunteers of the Porters Lake and Myra Road Wilderness Association with the assistance of the Province of Nova Scotia this trail system is really something else. Crowbar Lake is built in a series of loops so you can actually hike from 2k to 16.5 k. The 16.5k hike is not for the faint of heart. Crowbar Lake offers rugged landscape, beautiful lakes, gorgeous look-offs, and unique wilderness. It’s gorgeous and it’s worth it. And it’s right outside your back door.

To get to the trail head simply take the #107 to exit 19, turn left to the old #7, turn left and then right on the Myra Road. Drive up the Myra Road until you come to the trailhead for Crowbar Lake which is clearly marked. Click here for the trail handout (PDF).

If you’re going to hike the full 16.5 k then here’s what to bring. A nice nutritious lunch of course. Even though the trail is clearly marked a compass is a must, as are matches and the normal gear like a water bottle, and a cover-up. A GPS could be fun, but it’s not necessary. The 16.5 k trek is a biggie, so plan to get there early because it’ll take all day.

With high swept ridges, beautiful lakes and streams and Nova Scotia in all its’ splendor at your feet you’re in for a day of a lifetime. A memory to cherish as you pound the treadmill of life getting ready for the next big adventure.

Plan for it this spring, do it, Step Into Nova Scotia!

Here are some links to more information on the Crowbar Lake Hiking Trails:

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