Dance to the music!

Zumba brings many styles of dance together with the athleticism of sport. In this class, the result is pure joy.


When Rosita Bartolacci Cull steps up to teach her Zumba class at GoodLife, the energy is electric. The class had better be ready—and they are. The music booms and suddenly Rosita is transformed into a whirl of energy. The dance steps are both tightly choreographed and improvisational. It’s music, rhythm and athleticism rolled into one—and the class quickly falls into the groove.

“I love being active,” Rosita tells me after class. “Teaching fitness classes allows me to share my passion with others and hopefully get them hooked too. I love Zumba because it is a mixture of both dance and sport–two things that were an integral part of my upbringing.”

Not everyone can keep up with Rosita, but no-one is self-conscious and everyone is having a great time. At one point she splits the class into two groups and they do a mock dance battle, one side moving in and backing up the other, and then the two groups switch roles. It’s competition, focus and joy blended together. Watch your step!

It’s a family affair. Keeping right up is Rosita’s mother Maria, herself a Zumba instructor and long-time instructor at Nubody’s and then GoodLife. In fact, Rosita taught her first Zumba class when her mother hurt her ankle.

The class is at Sunnyside, Bedford, in its last month before closing. New clubs are online at The Ravines—and soon in Sackville. So these last few classes are a celebration of club culture too. Most of the class are women but there are men as well. In fact, a number have decided to stay from the Body Pump class that Rosita had just taught. These people are in shape!

Rosita lists the musical styles embraced by Zumba: Cumbia (which is Columbian, and so is the founder of Zumba), meringue, salsa, samba, calypso and tango, as well as Latin and even belly dancing, to make a partial list.

“Zumba is different than a regular workout,” says Rosita. “It’s like a party. It allows you to make friends, smile, sweat, laugh and sing to great music–all while you’re torching calories! Where else can you do that?”

Rosita also works in the family’s ceramics and marble business. She had been doing Taekwondo when her mother told her she would like her new kickboxing class, and she was hooked. After getting her Can-Fit-Pro certification she has taught fitness for 10 years. It’s all about the joy of movement.

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