Day 1 – 30 day writing challenge … PEI Marathon & Cooking from Scratch

I apologize for not keeping up with my blog!  Things got a bit busy and my writing fell off my priority list.  I have missed it – so I decided to return with a plan!  I am going to write everyday for a month – taking us to Dec 23rd.   Everyone needs the help of a Dietitian and Personal Trainer through the Holidays right?

Here is a little update since my last entry…

PEI Half Marathon

I ran the PEI half marathon in 2 hours and 18 minutes.  I have to say – it was the hardest thing I have ever done and the thing I am most proud of.  When I hit kilometre 19 I thought my legs were disconnected from my body (it is quite possible as it was very cold and rainy) – good thing they were, as if I could feel them they would have been screaming at me to stop!  Here is the best part – I was passed by 2 fit ladies about twice my age and a 75 year old man who (as he easily passed me) told me to “keep it up I was almost there”.  I have to thank those friendly strangers and fitness role models, as they did give me the energy to get over the last hill (yes – there were rolling hills in the last 3kms).   I want to thank my amazing boyfriend Chris (who finished in 1 hour 58mins) who knew when I had to do the race on my own and was there at the finish line waiting for me!!  Sorry I kept you waiting so long! Ha! Thanks to Alex who joined us from Saint John to do the 10k (lucky guy).  Lets not forget, Jess who gave me the crazy idea in the first place – who ran the full marathon – way to go Jess!! Also, to my friend and fabulous hair dresser Jacqueline who exchanged tips and motivation.  This crazy girl ran the Valley half and then a few weekends later ran the Moncton half to improve her time.  I have agreed to run the Valley with her next year!!   See the Holiday edition of OptiMYz for more of my Marathon experience!!

Cooking from Scratch

I had the opportunity to interview Chef Michael Smith for the Holiday issue of OptiMYz.  He is full of passion about food.  I was inspired by his new cookbook (The Best of Chef at Home) and by my desire to reduce the sodium in my diet to start cooking from scratch.  I am happy to say that it has been going wonderfully.  My mother came to PEI this past weekend and we had homemade vegetarian chilli (AMAZING- a bit too spicy for my mom- but I loved it), spaghetti and meat balls (the meat balls didn’t say together – but I think that is because I used extra lean ground chicken and oatmeal instead of bread crumbs in the recipe) but it made an amazing sauce all the same (yes the sauce is from scratch too), I also did a Caesar dressing and salad. YUM!

I am passionate about reducing the salt in my diet – I have a heart condition so I try to eat as healthy as possible for my heart.  Since I have changed a few small things in my diet – I have noticed my clothes fit better and I feel great!  I will save the sodium topic for another day as it deserves its own blog!!

It wasn’t long ago that I was an awful runner (my good friends will confirm this) and didn’t know how to cook anything other than Kraft Dinner.  If I can do it – you can too!!

Have a great day…. If you have any suggestions for blogs or articles or people to interview for my nutrition column at OptiMYz please let me know at optimyzdietitian@gmail.com

All the best!


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