Day 2 – Plan to eat healthy

I just finished eating a bowl of oatmeal, frozen berries, ground flax and a touch of honey.  This may sound healthy – but it is just all I could muster up from my freezer, fridge and cupboards.  I really need to get groceries. In my morning fog of a brain it took me a while to find all of those ingredients!  It made me think of the importance of PLANNING.   I was lucky I had an “emergency stash” of healthy goodies!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

We all want to eat healthy – so what is holding us back?  The number one excuse I hear (and I have heard my share of excuses) is TIME.  Eating healthy does take time and planning – no doubt about that.  Even those in the profession of food (such as me) feel that we do not have enough of it.  I even work in a grocery store and the last thing I wanted to do last night before leaving was walk around and grocery shop.  However, in hindsight I should have.  I was able to mash together a good breakfast – I can also say that I froze some of that vegetarian chilli I made on the weekend. That will make a great lunch… Unfortunately I can’t say I have anything planned for dinner…

I believe that if we remember WHY we need to eat healthy we will find the motivation to do the things necessary to achieve it.  So here I go with my “you have to FIND the time speech”…

“Food is fuel – what you eat effects how you feel, your energy levels and your health. Planning to eat healthy can actually give you time back – first it will energize you so you can more efficiently use your time and … you will live longer!”

PLAN to have a back up of healthy goodies on hand for times when “you just didn’t have the time…”

My essentials:


-Frozen berries


-Frozen leftovers

-Frozen veggies

-Whole grains (Quoina, rice, pasta)

My plan for after work today … hot yoga… then before I come home I will grocery shop!!!

Have a good day!


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