Day 4 (or day 9)… “Focus on the Positive – your Strengths”

I apologise for going missing in action for the past few days.  I have been away in Halifax even though I thoughtfully packed my lap top with full intention of writing – I mindlessly left it in the truck of my good friend’s car (who I was car pooling from PEI with).  The lap top went to Church Point, while I stayed in Halifax. Oh well.  These things happen.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk about focus. I just took a test last night called “Strengths Finder” (I highly recommend it).  It talks about focusing on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.   Many of us (me included) tend to focus on what we have to work on – our weaknesses – and that can be daunting and discouraging.  Instead, the book has an online test that asks 177 crazy questions that identifies your strengths and develops a report and action plan.  Yes – folks – finally we can focus on the positive!!

My strengths:






The test pegged me right on.  That is me in a nut shell!

One thing that stood out to me is “us achievers” always should be prepared to deal with a whisper of discontent.  We set the bar high (haha… 30days of writing during the most busy time of the year) and then struggle to meet that goal.  Yup – that’s me.   I also rather look at the positive side of things – I am more likely to give encouragement then suggestions for improvement.  Yup – once again right on target.  I spent years as a manager and I always focused on the positive – what was going well. That doesn’t always work – however  most of the time -it did.

I was thinking – how can these strengths help us with health and fitness?  My first thought is if we are focusing on the strengths – we are reducing the stress in our lives.  Stress can come from trying to improve all of our weaknesses.

What do I do well?   I have to say I am an excellent goal setter.  I like to have a plan. So it makes sense that I set fitness and nutrition goals.  Right now on my fridge is a workout plan for the month. I get a little check mark if I do it.  For an achiever that is all the motivation we need and on a positive note – each checkmarks is for what I DID not what I didn’t do!!

Make a list of things you do well… they may be a hint to help you eat well, exercise more and most importantly reduce your stress.

Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude!

Note: I will be away from a computer this week.  My goal of writing EVERY day may be a bit tough to meet – however… I will do my best to write as much as possible (see the achiever in me). Stay tuned.

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