Diary of a Dietitian

The great thing about being a Dietitian is you have something in common with everyone.   Everyone has to eat and almost everyone loves to talk about food!  One thing I am always asked is “what do you eat?”.  I am willing to put it out there – the good, bad and ugly.  Please note – this may not be meal plan to be followed!  I will be honest and I will evaluate my own diet and fitness regime for whoever wants to see!

Let me introduce myself – I am an only child originally from the Annapolis Valley.  I first began my interest in fitness when I was 16 – I will be honest– I wasn’t very good at sports (2 years of soccer and only one goal and I am pretty sure it was an accident).  So I joined the gym.  I have never looked back.

I became a Personal Fitness Coach 7 years ago – once you have a taste of helping people change their lives – it is hard to let that go!   I have taught spin classes, boot camps, developed nutrition programs and written for newsletters and magazines.  I am hooked on health promotion.  My favourite experience so far is when I traveled on a ship up north through the Labrador sea to Resolute, Cambridge Bay and Kugluktuk as a Personal Trainer and Dietitian – we think being active on land is hard – imagine trying to use a treadmill in sea swells – challenging but not impossible!   Over the past 7 years I have also worked in Private Practice as a Dietitian, managed several fitness clubs and now I have returned to my dream job working as a Dietitian with a national grocery chain.  I get paid to talk about food all day long.  It is wonderful!
Heart health is very important to me – and you will hear me refer to it on a regular basis.   I was diagnosed with ASD (Atrial septal Defect) – otherwise known as a “hole in your heart”.  I was unaware of this until 2 and ½ years a go, when I was 25 years old.  How did I find out you may ask – well – I am a terrible runner – I couldn’t seem to run through that awful brick wall.  It felt horrible and I would have to walk. As a trainer this was very frustrating and embarrassing.  It wasn’t until I fainted at work (thank goodness I was working at Colchester Regional Hospital) that I knew something was wrong.   After this I had many more tests which finally lead to a diagnosis.   It was only 6 months later I had heart surgery – I have small metal webbing closing the whole.  This past May I was happy to hear my heart has shrunk back to its natural size (it had enlarged).  This experience was scary and life changing.  I am thankful that it happened as it gave me a wake up call.  Our health is not something we can take for granted.   I now live every day to the fullest!
Here is my plan for the blog.  I will challenge myself (and any readers who want to join in) to a health goal each week.   I will then reflect on the challenges and successes I have had.  I believe that a Dietitian must eat well and be active most of the time. I believe in the 80/20 rule.  Let’s not forget that we too are human and life happens.   Healthy eating and being active is not always easy… but it is so very important!! Our quality of life depends on it.

I want to hear from you (so I know you are reading this) – please send me your thoughts, comments and if you have any questions about food.  I am happy to help!    Please send your emails to:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”

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