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Alternative Leg Hair Removal for Women

Getting rid of unwanted hair is one of the most important and frustrating parts of any beauty regimen. The chances are good that you often find yourself feeling pressed for time when you have to shave. While many people do rely on shaving to remove unwanted body hair, that isn’t your only option. There are several other effective ways to get rid of the body hair that you don’t want anyone else to see.

Epilation Is an Affordable At-Home Option
Epilation involves using an electronic rolling tweezer system  to pull out multiple hairs in a short time. As you might imagine, it can be painful. Many systems include ice packs or special cooling gels that reduce the amount of sensation. It pulls the hair out by the root, and that can reduce the frequency with which you need to tend to hair removal. You may do it once a week, although hair may grow back thinner and lighter over time, meaning you have to do it less frequently.

Sugaring and Waxing Gives You Smooth Skin for Weeks
Waxing and sugaring are similar processes that women have been doing for centuries to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Both waxing and sugaring involve applying a tacky or adhesive material over the hair and then pulling to remove the hair with the material. While it can be painful, it can also last for several weeks. Many women find that going to a salon or specialist for hair removal can be an enjoyable escape from their daily routine.

Laser Hair Removal Is the New Gold Standard
If you really can’t be bothered dedicating your time to hair removal in the future, it might be the right time to consider laser hair removal. While laser hair removal does not necessarily work for all candidates, for the people that it works for, it can offer freedom from hair removal maintenance. Depending on your skin tone and the nature of the hair, laser hair removal can permanently stop individual hair follicles from producing new hairs.

Like waxing, it may hurt. However, it usually feels more like a sunburn or getting flicked hard in the same spot several times. Laser hair removal is certainly the most expensive option on the list, and it’s important that people realize they may have to go to sessions every few months for a year or even two years to get their perfect, hair-free skin.

Author: Jane Hopwood is a freelance writer and editor. She built her career on sports science and physical training, working in a range of companies before going solo. Seven years ago, she took a step back to spend more time with her growing family. She now lives with her husband, daughters, and her dog Rover.


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