Don't let your lifestyle become rudderless

If you’ve been training hard for 2012, then you will have, no doubt, seen good results by now in your health and fitness goals. It’s somewhat of a cliché to say that the beginning of a New Year is the chance to start over because really, aren’t we supposed to be busy staying in shape year round?

Here’s a hard truth: Whether 2011 was a bad year or not, it really doesn’t matter anymore because it’s in the past. A healthy lifestyle is about years and decades, so if you have a few weak moments, they’re already over by the time you read this sentence. Staying focused on how many times you’ve fallen in your diet or how many workouts you’ve missed is futile and destructive because you’re fighting events you can’t change anymore.

Here’s what you can change though – today and tomorrow. You hold the key to continued success, if you consistently keep trying. Failure to achieve goals only comes to those who give up, not those who persevere.

You need a plan though. Without concrete goals you are rudderless, adrift in an ocean of big, undefined goals which will never be realized. Break down your goals into manageable time frames and make sure you meet them. Write down how much you want to lose, what you want to achieve, and how long it should take you. Those are tangible things you can focus on. Make sure to also log your workouts to achieve continued intensity and results so your body doesn’t adapt to the workload.

I know, none of this sounds overly exciting. In fact, it all looks suspiciously like a lot of work. But then, what in life is handed to you on a silver platter? Fact is, hard work pays off. Too many look for a magic pill or food in a package to achieve instant results. It doesn’t work like that. Our body is meant to undergo vigorous stress (read exercise or work) and it thrives in this environment. Conversely, it hates inactivity and punishes its owner with pain and illness if left unattended.

Look, you’re either going to read this and make positive changes in your life, or you’ll shrug your shoulders and go your own way, not realizing that what you read is a fundamental law of long-term health. Apply it and you’ll see success that will astound you. And keep reading this magazine because it contains many of the principles I speak of in detail.

Yours in good health,

Jorg Mardian

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