As I get ready to make myself park farther away and WALK 30mins to get to school today… I feel this overwhelming urge to hop a plane and go south!   The freezing rain is pouring down… and the wind isn’t making the outdoors look welcoming!!!  I just want to scream “Enough blah winter weather!”

However… for my fellow Canadians (who actually deep down love the weather 😉 ) this is another workout hurdle that we have to jump!!!  I gave a nutrition talk for a Marathon running group a couple weeks ago and felt a little guilty getting into my car as they all ran past me!   So – I have taken to finding different ways to be active (since running in the winter isn’t something I personally enjoy – but I envy those who do!).

Here is my pledge for the winter…

Yoga – 3 times per week, it is hard to be gloomy when I am taking deep breaths and being grateful that my body allows me to do downward facing dogs over and over… and over…

Swimming – this is something that is new to me.  Here is the truth.  I am a 31 (almost 32) year old person who never really learned to swim… but I signed up for Adult Swimming lessons and got the sweetest instructor (who thankfully has lots of patience).  Now I swim laps (kind of) and dive into the deep end.

Funny thing the mind… I used to think I couldn’t run – now I teach running – I used to think I couldn’t swim and now I swim laps!  Maybe – I’ll start running in the winter and take skiing lessons.  Hold on…one thing at a time!! Moral of the story… Don’t let your mind or the weather hold you back!

Sorry for my blog hiatus… I’m back!

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