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Summer holidays are meant to be enjoyed; however, all those extra treats can leave us feeling sluggish.

Excited about summer holidays and enjoying your time with the kids, but overwhelmed by the thought of ice cream trucks and French fries while not getting your workout in? Summer holidays are meant to be enjoyed; however, all those extra treats can leave us feeling sluggish.

Workouts can still happen and be super effective even if it’s for only 20 minutes a day! By making it fun and part of your daily routine, not only will your kids enjoy it, but mom will also feel accomplished that she did something too!

Here are three simple workouts that are sure to keep you fit and energetic all summer long while keeping the kiddos entertained.

1.    Bag of tricks. These are a few inexpensive items that you can find at You can break into a boot camp obstacle anywhere. Whether it is at the park, or waiting for appointments, this bag stays in my trunk. This includes a ladder, resistance bands, skipping ropes, a mini ball, agility markers, mini yoga mat, and an eight-pound medicine ball. Create a different course every time and have fun with it!

2.    Tabatas! This consists of eight rounds of ultra high-intensity exercises in a specific 20 seconds on 10 seconds off intervals. I usually stop when the kids are tired or bored.  These can include bear crawls across the park for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest in plank. Or to make it fun, pop up like popcorn for 20 seconds and hold in a squat for 10. Repeat these up to eight times.

3.    On those rainy days when you can’t go outside, you can use household items for an indoor workout. Use water bottles or detergent as your weights. You can also use the wall, for wall sit challenges. Use chairs for stretches. Make a list of a few exercises, and set a timer every 45 minutes, do an exercise until the list is done. After it is completed, the kids can then return to playing board games, their electronics or an activity of their choice.  

Author: Suzan Galluzzo

Suzan Galluzzo is a GTA-based transformation specialist, nutrition expert and owner of two studios who strives to teach clients how they can excel and transform using exercise and nutrition. She works with all types of women and men with various backgrounds, goals and abilities. By teaching easy-to-follow, results-oriented tools and techniques on how to change the way you live, eat, and think, Galluzzo is there to guide and cheer her clients on every step of the way.  





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