Eat Pray Love… EAT!

It is the end of the long Labour Day weekend. This was one to remember – I started it with a little black dress bachelorette in a hurricane and ended it with the movie– EAT PRAY LOVE. I had read the book first 🙂

This is a movie (and book) that resonates close to home.  However, judging from all of the women in the theatre – I am not alone.  A quick “Coles notes” for all of the guys – it is simply a story about finding yourself.

We are all looking for something.  It usually starts with looking for love – until we realize that loving someone else can’t make us happy.  Before you stop reading because I am getting too mushy… hear me out.   We spend so much time exercising and dieting to make ourselves look better.  Why don’t we take the time to love ourselves first? This is a lesson I have personally learned the hard way.  I have done a miniature “Eat, Pray, Love” adventure on my own – however mine was less dramatic and consisted of Halifax NS, Moncton NB and now Stratford PEI.  However painful – at the end of the day – I did find the balance I longed for.

I loved the message about food – EAT!!   Part one in the book focuses solely on her relationship with food. Forgetting about calories and just enjoying food – sure she gained over 20 pounds in 3 months – but she learned a valuable lesson – RELAX.  If you look at different cultures – there is a very different relationship with food (and a much lower incidence of obesity).  In Italy there is more of a focus on relaxation and pleasure around eating.  In North America we focus on fast food – which is very unromantic.

My new challenge is to EAT and make it an event.   I just finished eating a big plate of spicy Thai noodles and a glass of red wine.  It was quite wonderful.  Sure, I am already planning my morning run in my head – but I believe just as you need balance in loving others and loving yourself – you need to balance exercise and eating – so you can minimize the weight gain of loving food!

This week – eat.  Don’t be distracted.  TASTE, ENJOY and do not think about calories.  I bet you won’t gain a pound.


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