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Embrace your feminine power

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To be powerful means to be in tune with yourself, to speak your truth and work toward your goals. It also means being vulnerable and open to learn and evolve. To feel strong and safe; to be authentic and wild; to be bold and graceful, firm yet understanding; to be the source and force of love. As a woman you can embrace this power in many ways. Here are just a few:

How to embrace your feminine power

To be playful is to be alive. Return to your child-like state: A time when there were no worries. When you used your imagination and anything was possible. To be carefree and in the moment will assist the natural flow of your life. It’s easy to get stuck in the seriousness of life. To laugh and be playful is to connect back to the source.

Celebrate your uniqueness. Express this through what you choose to wear or how you do your hair. Enjoy being authentic; you don’t need the approval of others. Choose a bold lipstick—or not. Beauty is defined differently by everyone, but for you, it’s whatever makes you feel the most alive.

Understanding your deepest fears, identifying your needs and accepting yourself are the primary forms of self-care. To be self-aware is to be connected, to feel, to honour the moment and recognize all that you are grateful for. Take some time for meditation, to listen to the birds or the wind through the trees. Remember to be here now.

With love anything is possible. Giving, receiving and sharing. All are necessary for you to embrace yourself and others. Finding your tribe creates the opportunity to nurture, listen and grow with one another. No one has all the answers. When you let down your walls, you become available and approachable. When you become open and are honest about who you are, you become empowered.

Creation is as much a part of who you are as what you do. The woman’s body was made to create, but it doesn’t have to stop at biology. Creation takes many forms from painting to cooking to writing or making candles. Make whatever you feel inspired to, no credentials necessary.

Expression through movement is healing and invigorating, a source of momentous energy. When you move, you activate wisdom beyond thoughts and words. The more you can connect with your body in this way, the more you will discover new things about yourself, especially your ability to exceed the limits imposed by your mind. Whether it’s yoga, dance, Pilates, belly dancing, cycling or running, get moving, switch it up and explore.

I have always found it difficult to accept compliments. Every time you do not accept a compliment, you deny yourself that truth. Next time you feel compelled to make excuses for why you aren’t worthy of a compliment, just say thank you. You will feel the spark within and, dare I say, even believe it! You are invaluable.

I am woman. I am playful. I am beautiful. I am love. I am aware. I am creation. I am movement. I am confidence. I am powerful.

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Author: Shauna Ireland, intuitive business coach and believes in a “wholisitic” approach to business and life, led by her mantra “Align+Shine.” This new mama is passionate about writing, travelling, energy healing and yoga. She is ultimately driven by love. Find Shauna online at @alignandshine on Instagram.


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