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Eternal Abundance: Belief is the Magic!

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For century upon century, people have spent much of their vitality trying to discover the secret to lasting life and true abundance. Different parts of the world have different concepts of that dream. Traditionally, the East has been the land of spirit and mystery, whereas the West has been characterized by the cult of the concrete, in which money, science, and machines are the idols worshipped.

How to live a life of abundance

The story of the Fountain of Youth lives on in our memories as a symbol of our hope for eternal life and ever-flowing abundance. When we see the river of life flowing “in here” versus “out there,” then we can take charge of our thinking; flip it from negative to positive. Yet, like Ponce de Leon, we often seek approval, success, fame and fortune outside ourselves, instead of embarking on an elusive journey outside of us.

What Ponce de Leon didn’t know was that the eternal wellspring flows unimpeded through our worlds. It is within our power to direct this fount of energy so that we can lift ourselves out of mediocrity and into true vitality. Tales of magic carpets, incredible voyages, glorious fountains, and wish-fulfilling lamps are eternal symbols of our yearning. As reminders of the reality of the presence of perfection, they give us hope when much of our daily attention is focused on distress and imperfection.

But each time we deny this imperfection, we can refocus our journey upward in our consciousness-like the church spire pointing toward heaven, or our majestic mountain ranges, or the graceful pine trees swaying ever so slightly to and fro (which are designed to remind us to look upward to the perfected realms of our own consciousness).

The same building block of the Ageless Wisdom is contained in all these stories: the concept of all-sufficiency. While Aladdin’s carpet is a magical means of transportation of spirit, we in the West, known for our material focus, have preferred our rugs on the cold, hard floor-beautiful at best, but by all means practical.

Western scientists, who have had the reputation of only believing in what they can touch and feel, have begun, however, to understand the unseen forces that make and mold the universe. They have discovered hidden laws and powers that lie beneath the seemingly manifest reality. And these same powers are within us.

The Secret is Revealed

At long last, the secret is revealed. The secret is: There is no secret. There is only law, the One Law of Eternal Perfection. We are perfect; we just forgot. Everything is simply vibrations and energies leading away from or to the Undivided One Source, which is Perfection.

Many of us find ourselves pondering: If I could only find my dream…. A power greater than us surely put our dreams in our mind’s eye to remind us that we are far from small and insignificant. We must believe that the power is within us because the magic is in the believing!

The Attractor Factor

Energy moves through our consciousness daily and is either utilized as is or is altered according to our vibration and energy field. It is shaped by and shows up in the world according to our consciousness. In order to attract true abundance, we must first believe that we can take part in these masterful causes and not merely be blind instruments of our past. No thing “out there” has any power over us, unless we let it.

The faith vibration attracts all that we have and experience. If our faith is pulsating to the “just getting by” frequency, then so, too, it is reflected in our world. If our faith is dialed in or set on insufficiency, there will never be enough. Our “All-seeing and All-knowing Self” sees no darkness; it only sees infinite possibility! It cannot want or it would not be. This pure thought energy is a mighty power that presses and radiates through our consciousness with unlimited supply, boundless prosperity, and overflowing abundance. Self-acceptance is the key to our victory.

To maximize this force, we need to be careful of our motives. It is important to guard our intent, because the journey gets perilous as we gain speed. The goal is self-dominion, not domination over people, nature, or the world around us. Only when we have learned self-mastery, when we cannot harm a single creature, can we master the elements of the world around us and gain our rightful inheritance.

Each of one of us has the same potential for genius. Interestingly the common understanding of this word genius, “wit or talent,” is in fact the third, most abstracted definition of the original Latin definition, according to the online etymology dictionary at The first is guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth, spirit, incarnation.” Take into account the related word “genie” and it becomes clear that this magical spirit of our own potential is with us all the time, simply awaiting our recognition and command.

If we just believed in our rightful inheritance and guarded that belief, riches could be ours, too. We all have the power to choose at any moment where we place our attention: on poverty or abundance. So, when we catch ourselves dwelling on insufficiency, a quick powerful change of attention can do wonders. To every negative thought, tie a positive one. When we become masters of our mental and feeling states, instead of being servants and slaves to them, the universe will be at our command.

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Author: Jeanne M. House, M.A. has a postgraduate degree in Consciousness Studies. She is president of Sol Communication and Editor of “Peak Vitality: Raising the Threshold of Abundance in Our Material, Spiritual, and Emotional Lives”, Elite Books, (

This article is from her own chapter in the book (No. 53), which includes contributions by authors such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Weil, and Mehmet Oz. House is also Associate Editor of the award-winning anthology, Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace. For more information, e-mail her at


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