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Yesterday October 25 when I went in to yoga class at Nubody’s in Bedford, NS it was still raining; it had rained all night and the day before. When I came out the sky was blue with a few white clouds drifting by. The temperature was heading up, on the way to 20 degrees C. After a meeting at Starbucks in Datmouth (a lot of meetings there; the new age of business) I drove to see my 85-year-old mother Anne at the Northwood. It was her anniversary: her husband Leif, my father, had died a year and a half ago. She was keen to go out.

We drove to Point Pleasant Park at the mouth of the harbour and hit the trail. Pushing her walker, she kept a pretty good pace. We stopped and sat on benches a couple of times, but otherwise we went quite a distance. Like my father, she always liked to be outdoors. This litle jaunt made a big diference in her day.

Back home, I took out my kayak on the lake. It was late afternoon but still sunny and warm. Then I brought it back uo from the shoreline; may not use it again until next spring. This reminded me that I last swam on my birthday, Oct. 3; perhaps the latest I have ever swum in Nova Scotia. The fall folage is still beautiful, but it is the turning of the seasons.

My mother still loves to go out. Way to go, Ma!   

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