Over the holidays my daughter Claire and I visited Dr. Feng Jia, doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the Quality Life Healing Centre on Dutch Village Road in Halifax. He was trained in China, where he is from. He had given me some acupuncture treatments for stress after my father died two years ago, and it had really helped. I went from stressed to asleep on the cot in a few minutes. You can’t destress faster than that. Those treatments had taken place at the Mu Lan Chinese Cultural Centre on Lower water Street. 

Dr. Jia is always so glad to see you. “David, how are you?” he asked enthusiastically, his face lit up with a smile. His English is accented, but he has that calm presence that all natural healers have: he totally focuses in on the patient, asking about your health, checking your pulses (plural) on your wrist, examining your tongue. His eyes reflect an obviously brilliant mind.   

This time Claire had problems with her jaw, neck, and shoulder and wanted to sleep better. Soon she was beneedled and lying comfortably. I came for help wih a tight shoulder, a sore knee, stress (the modern plague), and the lower back issues that have plagued me since an injury 25 years ago. Both Claire and I had massage as well as acupuncture.

“How many acupuncture sites are there on the body?” I asked Dr. Jia. “365 main ones,” he told me.

When we left, I was once again in that deeply relaxed state. We had several treatments. We both made significant progress. Dr. Jia told me about some of his success with difficult patients: I will write about them in a future isse of OptiMYz.

Health is a journey. There are many brilliant healers out there, in many specialties. In one acupuncture session you can be treated for many different issues. This is a benefit in itself. Having several treatments over a short time is often recommended to jump start recovery, said Dr. Jia.

 If you think about it, anything the Chinese have been doing for thousands of years has a lot behind it. 

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